Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stirred up

Oh, Where do I begin, I am totally stirred up. I feel anticipation like you would not believe. I have learned in the last two days that I am holding onto too much. It is clouding everything that I see, sense and feel. I have cleaned out an entire space in my home to create an Altar. I have been craving this altar and space just for me for so long. I finally said, yes to me with this particular project. It gives me room to breathe. I LOVE YOU MOMMY SINCERELY PARIS 7:44 pm. 

I walked away from my blog for a sec, and my daughter posted a message up above. How Cute.

Well anyhow, I feel like there is a place in me that desires a stronger knowing of myself. I want to face fears and feel everything buried deep inside, even if I have to cry and cry. I feel like I want to go on a journey deep deep deep inside, through meditation I want to glide through all that is hiding. I can tell this is going to be one hell of a ride of even greater self discovery and another chance for growth in much more faith and hope. I crave true wisdom through my self, when I take the time to go within, to really listen, the light in me begins to soar and I feel ready to step through another door. 

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