Monday, March 4, 2013


So Disneyland, all I can say is Disneyland has been running through my world these days. Okay, I had this dream about one month or so ago, and in that particular dream, one of my favorite mentors had Disney pictures hanging all over his office. Now that was that. Then about three days ago at work a mother had mentioned just coming back from Disneyland, and we discussed Disneyland for twenty minutes. As she left, another mother came in and I blurt out, "Oh my gosh, That is so wild that you are wearing a Disneyland sweater, we were just talking about Disneyland with another mother for soooo long!!" Okay, at this point my mind starts in on the thought, "What does this mean?" Is it just the season for Disneyland? Yes, possibly, but then I think, "well what about the dream?" hmmm, well the other day my daughter mentions that daddy is going to take them to Disneyland later on in the year and how excited she is, I know she just cannot wait. However, today as I get ready to start this blog, I go to a search engine and the first thing I see is a Disney news headline. Now I have absolutely no idea what all this Disney stuff means, but I can only imagine it means that some fun is around the corner or that it means it is time to have some fun. Also my older sister reminded me last year, that as a kid I won a lifetime pass to Disneyland and I was thinking, how cool!! I get in free to Disneyland for the rest of my life.. Nice! But still I am wondering about that dream, What does that mean, Disneyland pictures hanging in this person's office. This shall be on my mind - Disneyland - 

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