Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review of "Are you Tired and Wired?"

Book Title: Are you Tired and Wired?
Written by Marcelle Pick, “Are you Tired and Wired?”  this book discusses a 30 day program to overcome Adrenal Fatigue. I am flooded with amazing information that I believe would be helpful to every and anyone. I can relate to some of the symptoms discussed in this book and have found that through my experience with following the information offered, I actually have more energy. I enjoy the helpful tips for a better daily routine, different activities and healthy recipes written in the book. For me, I noticed a major energy boost after following Marcelle’s advice on eating patterns. If you find yourself feeling more exhausted these days and need information, I think Marcelle did a great job outlining specific changes that can be made in your life to feel much more energy. I especially feel more alive and more productive after gaining more knowledge about the process of keeping adrenal glands regulated and controlled. Are you super busy? Or just plain tired? I would recommend looking into some ways to feel restored. I think Adrenal Fatigue is much more common than we may think it is. I absolutely love the recipes in this book, I believe you will find so many ways to regain control of your adrenal glands and your life after this read.