Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obsessed in Love

Obsessions in love, I only want to fit him like a glove, I try every which way to make you stay, only for you to go away. I need you, but I do not know how to go about, keeping you by my side, because as you grow close, I hide. Try me next year at this same time, maybe then I could make you mine, much as I try to bring you close, my heart beats fast at the thought of the word, close. Can you wait for me, to get this thing called, dating? I have no idea what to do, you keep me extremely puzzled like a fool. I want to give up on Romantic Love, because it seems common for me to end up confused and full of mistrust. You left me incredibly blushed, I thought I could not get enough, just as you pull away. I begin to think about you all day. I dream, I write, I watch the sky, I exercise all with one thought, that the beautiful question is popped. One day it will or will not. But for now I will stop. Something else needs me, that is my lost self esteem. 

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