Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Secrets of Meditation by davidji

Review of Secrets of Meditation by davidji - A practical Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Transformation

Reading this book, I feel a whole new world opened up to me, I had been practicing meditation before, but this book really sent me to that place of understanding that meditation is not one thing, one type, one experience, it is a real journey. Davidji takes you through several types of mediation, several ways to meditate mean one form of meditation should appeal to you for sure if you like to connect with your inner self.

One thing I know for sure is that there are no rules in meditation, and Davidji confirms this. There are several myths floating around about what should take place during meditation, this book brings you to a beautiful understanding of how many ways you may begin a soulful journey of meditation.

This review is based on my experiences only. I received this book at no cost from Hay House for review purposes.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Listen -

Times like this I sit and listen to myself, I ask so many others their opinion, yet always go with my own feelings, I feel like there is alot of unsaidness in my heart, I have been holding back my feelings from myself, I've been like on auto pilot working like crazy to pay bills, but now I sit down and realize the cells in my body are screaming at me, but what do they say? I have to listen, I took a second shower earlier today and thought, "I'm going to meditate afterwards", I get super excited about meditation, like you wouldn't believe or maybe you would. I want that feeling after meditation, when your like, Oh my gosh, I LOVE Clarity! You know what I mean. After that shower I was like, Oh but wait, I need to cut up fruit for the kids" and so on. So my day goes like that. I wanna listen so badly, I promise body, I promise I'll start listening. lol I keep saying. So meditation will probably be my next thing to embark upon. I feel like it has become a job, to meditate. Doesn't sound very spiritual or enlightened, right? Anyhow, practicality took precedence over everything else lately. Priorities showed me where to focus, and I did, I worked double shifts for three months straight, but something inside me, feelings, whew..I can't explain, wanting to be expressed, so in 'alone' time I would exercise, think, overthink, ruminate, watch tv or read a tiny bit... but that's not listening. I even had a dream a month ago, then woke from the dream, not dreaming anymore I heared angels, saying "I'm so tired, trying to make you see?' I was thinking, WHAT?! Tired trying to make me see, see what?! So now, I'm sitting here like, hmmm. It'll come!! Maybe it's already here!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Totally Understand

Wow - Umm, I can't believe some of the things I've released and let go of over time. I have changed and morphed so much, but I can't help but wonder if others feel this too. I stood in the kitchen today, thinking to myself, how many things/people/ideas/beliefs I released over the past few years. Feels like death, death of what I used to know. Basically, death of what I thought I knew. Everything looks and feels different. Something has changed. I feel expanded, open to more, I feel as if I could see far beyond what felt comfortable in recent moments. I actually feel more comfortable with my vision seeing far beyond, than accepting the comforts of my old vision. Somehow, I realized that trying to understand and rationalize things I've experienced and wished I hadn't really has no value, unless it is to teach others, or bring others a sense of comfort or hope. I am much lighter now, I feel extremely passionate about myself and my life, yes me, I do. I feel my passions turning inward now, if just for a while.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lanterns -

Lanterns -

Light, illumination, torches, fire, a ripple effect, light burns, it stretches, cracks and moves courageously. We need a balance of element, all four in alignment. Let your lantern be the guide. It should mostly never fail to be right. Because under starry nites, the light is our guide.