Friday, December 28, 2012

Such synchronicity -

Feel embellished in all of the synchronicities that have occured over time. I wonder what to make of them, I remember being a wide eye'd wonderer. Always. This theme of synchronicities is truly significant to me, because it felt as if there really was a guide on the other side. However, I came to finding time to blog realizing lately writing has been in a journal with my candy cane pen, old fashioned writing, and mostly dream journaling. Insights, insights and more insights is the theme for the end of my year this year. Believing is true, my son always reminds me. He loves the Believe plaques I have in our home. Sensing a lighter source of the energy we share. It feels that somehow there is always enough to share. Were all connected, everything is interlaced and weaved or woven. lol

In Synchronicity -