Friday, May 6, 2011

Llama Land

I like Llamas and  Alpacas a lot. They are so cute.. I have heard that they spit at people, but I have a feeling they can feel how much I love them and wouldn't do such a thing to me. lol. I took these pictures at a local zoo. I went to the zoo with one of my good friends 2 or 3 weeks back. My good friend was visiting from out of town. I do actually have a shot of me feeding one of the Llamas some of the food they eat, The zoo has little machines that you put 50 cents in and you get a handful of their food. It's hilarious watching them constantly chew and then try to eat another piece before they are even finished with what they already have. I need to find the picture of me feeding the Llamas. One of my other good friends got me a stuffed Llama for my 30th birthday.. and yes It still lays on my bed. My stuffed Llama's name is Olama. lol and one year ago I caught Peaches (my 6 year old tabby cat) all in Olamas space during nap time.. Anyway, I got a picture of that moment too! I'm posting here on the blog. a small dose of Llama Land.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An orange candle burning ~

I have an orange candle burning, my daughter purchased this candle for me at the store today. How sweet is she!! I gaze at the lit candle wick, cruising through my body for an answer. An answer to what? I want a message, but it's not ready to come through yet. The candle has the scent of a juicy apricot. It permeates the room, I look around and realize I am attracted to the color orange. I have beautiful  orange porcelain with an angel on it, I'm sporting a tangerine colored lipstick by MAC cosmetics. I peer through the bathroom door in my room and admire the orangey sunset and palm trees on my shower curtain. I go through phases of being attracted to certain colors. I seriously desire a colorful world. The room is dim, I kinda like this. Sorta feels like bliss. I look over at a piece of wood that has 'Believe' carved into it. I believe I am grateful for my daughter's love in the form of my lit orange candle. What do you believe?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kids, Awards, Buses and Paperwork

So, today my daughter for the 2nd time this year got 'Student of the Trimester' and I am super proud of her consistency in class. So Amazing!! I attended her Award ceremony yesterday, now today I attended Kindegarten round-up. For those of you that don't know, Kindegarten round-up is an Orientation to register kiddos for Kindegarten in September. Wayyyy ahead of time, I know. Those school offices get busy, super busy and let me tell you the Front desk staff are not very friendly if they get too over worked. Yea, you parents know what I'm talking about. Anyhow, at the end of this orientation, me and my little one got a quick bus ride around the corner for fun. Yay. lol. umm yea... so now I am at home packing to move. I cannot stand this process really, but of course I rise to the occasion as I always do, make some coffee, eat a healthy salad, get my energy up and push myself to organize this wild paperwork that I have. So, I should just stop writing now and get back to this Shhh.....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiny Little Fragments

Ok, so I have noticed that it takes several tiny details to actually put something big together. I'm catching on to the idea of examining each tree first from top to bottom, then seeing the forest. I have a habit of wanting to freakin leap over the whole forest and run. lol but anyway, Isn't it funny when you start to analyze certain aspects of your personality? I crack up, it can be hilarious to make the assessment. lol 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wow oh wow... How do I even put it... The last two days have been ridiculously filled with energy. The kind of energy that doesn't go away. Anyways, have you ever just felt like someone threw you into the driver's seat, slammed the door and sent you on your way as if you were in a remote controlled car. lol. NO?

Well, That is how I felt today. Super mission I'll call it! Not only did I get the dumb small phone calls I had to make out of the way, but I actually got like 5 X's that amount of what I needed to accomplish in the shortest amount of time possible.

I am shocked because I have been pretty lazy for the last year or so, well, to myself anyway. Whatever, who knows. I'm just glad it's done, now I can sit down to read my library books. I'll keep you posted on which books I highly recommend.