Friday, May 6, 2011

Llama Land

I like Llamas and  Alpacas a lot. They are so cute.. I have heard that they spit at people, but I have a feeling they can feel how much I love them and wouldn't do such a thing to me. lol. I took these pictures at a local zoo. I went to the zoo with one of my good friends 2 or 3 weeks back. My good friend was visiting from out of town. I do actually have a shot of me feeding one of the Llamas some of the food they eat, The zoo has little machines that you put 50 cents in and you get a handful of their food. It's hilarious watching them constantly chew and then try to eat another piece before they are even finished with what they already have. I need to find the picture of me feeding the Llamas. One of my other good friends got me a stuffed Llama for my 30th birthday.. and yes It still lays on my bed. My stuffed Llama's name is Olama. lol and one year ago I caught Peaches (my 6 year old tabby cat) all in Olamas space during nap time.. Anyway, I got a picture of that moment too! I'm posting here on the blog. a small dose of Llama Land.