Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review of "Deep Truth".

Book Title: Deep Truth.

What a wonderful read, to learn several different theories on the truth of our existence. I captured the essence of just how amazing the planet were living on is. Over time so many so called truths have emerged as `the truth'. This in fact is very far from the truth at all. Reading this book will blow your mind if you have one set of beliefs. Be prepared to challenge your current frame of mind. Our earth has under gone many changes and environmental changes as well, not only by planetary disaster, but by us as people, cultures, societies, secret societies and so on. Everyone would like to believe our earth has been perfectly well preserved and that we all should believe one theory. Well Greg Braden does a phenomenal job with well sought research explaining the unexplained or un-studied information. Our earth is begging us to cooperate. Are we ready? From every topic you could imagine that needs a huge shift in our lives right now and how we as one person can make a difference is exactly what you will learn from this informational read. Do you care enough about our world, your world to make small changes? Then this book will bring you all the insights you need to continue the most needed shift. I learned much from this book in regards to why our world has gotten off course. It includes also, all the reasons that we need to get back on track. Why would we want to wait any longer to make all of our lives healthier in every way.