Sunday, June 22, 2014

Love -

Love - 

What is happening? One thing 
I have to say is pray,
pray pray pray. 
This world is unfun at times,
not fun for me. 
My life is a mystery,
where will it lead me?
I do not understand why
things happen or where 
this is all coming from but
I do feel something special here.
What do I do? When I feel like
I'm falling in love with you.
Do I trust the beauty I feel inside, 
when you talk to me at night. 
Or do I listen closely to 
everything you say.
You are beautiful to me. 
I feel like this is something
of a love story. 
I want to believe in romance,
and a second chance. 
He makes me laugh, tickles 
my mentality silly. 
Puts me back into enjoying 
things, and rather not on trivial 
things but on the most beautiful
deep feelings. 
I feel him with me by my side
and he is not even next to me 
in real life. 

April - 

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