Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunshine -

Sunshine - 

I remember having a dream 
about sun energy and 
lately I have been thinking 
about the sun a lot. 
The sun has become a symbol
at this point. 
This time of year the sun 
emerges beautifully. 
I have received some 
inspiration from a couple leos
in my life. 
Somehow, I believe of course
as I always do lol that it is all 
Inspiration is here for us all. 
The sun is rising and the light
we see is within us. 
That dream I had about a 
bright burning sun on fire
was really strong and 
I keep thinking about it still. 
The sun card in tarot is really
my favorite card. I absolutely
love it. 
Leo sign is ruled by the sun 
astrologically. I have a leo 
Oh sunshine keep shinin on us.
You are the true light! 

April - 

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