Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lake Dream -

Lake Dream - 

Glittering water in the sky
Tell me the reasons why
In my dream I seen the most
enchanting scene of water
rising that night.
I seen this motion of
water intensifying in flow,
the tide started to rise, 
I clung to that scene in my 
wide open eyes. 
I was with my coworker this
time, we walked side by side. 
Down a night sky street, I
woke and wondered what 
this means. 
The water shifted in the sky,
overtaking the night. 
I wonder in my mind
about this dream that
I had that night. 
The water glistened in the 
moonlight and had a slow
motion tide.  
I felt to glance back, as I 
turned my face to look 
at the tide, I see a chunk
of water throw itself unto
me, as if to pour water 
over me. But me I was 
drenched and my coworker
stayed dry, I don't know why,
that night there was water 
flying through the sky. 

April - 

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