Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tiger in my dream -

Tiger in my dream - 

A courageous survivor 

was represented in my dream 
Aside from the details in my 
Towards the end I seen 
the most amazing thing.
I seen a beautiful orange tiger
walking through a grassy field. 
She was perfectly poised as 
she was eager to put one paw
in front of another. 
I thought for a while what she
may represent. 
She was primal, focused 
and moving along intent 
to have her needs met.
I always love to analyze my 
I am curious about this one. 
Soon after this dream recollection
I started to see tiger pictures in 
waking life. 
Many times after my dream, I 
noticed tigers much more and 
wonder what they mean. 
And I begin to wonder what this
may be. 
What kind of sign would this 
tiger be for me?
But after a while, I started to 
visualize the tiger inside of me. 
Without a thought of combining 
the two, today I started to visualize
orange color inside and around 
me as I created an affirmation of 
my own and this is how it goes,
"I am creative, I breathe new life
into my body" and I visualize that
I am actually breathing in orange
air that surrounds me. 
I am excited about the Tiger energy.
I love analyzing my dreams and 
for now I will visualize the 
Tiger inside me.

April - 

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