Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sweetest Feeling -

Photo: By April 

The Sweetest Feeling - 

The sweetest feeling is 
when I have believed
in my dream. 
I love to see the happy 
look on my children's face. 
I love to hug my children
and keep them feeling
I live in joy and I like to
surprise my children with
their favorite toy.
I catch a glimpse of bliss
when my daughter signs
her letters to me saying, 
"hug and kiss".
I love the little things and 
how beautiful my son's voice
sounds when he sings. 
I like to nourish my family
and make healthy organic
Playing, relating and bonding 
bring on a good mood. 
I love the 'bonding hormone'
Oxytocin that is released in 
our body when we experience
deep trust and empathy. 
My first born daughter is 
a sweet leo astrologically 
born into the 5th house of 
my chart. 
I prayed to have a baby a
month before she was conceived
and I realize that I received 
exactly what dreamed.
I feel blessed and nurturing 
my children gives me
the sweetest feeling. 

April -