Friday, November 15, 2013

Follow the Tide -

Follow the Tide - 

Fluidity to me has been
a synchronicity. 
I feel so fluid these days
in so many ways. 
I feel so immersed into
this fluid path. 
I love the moments that
I soak in a sea salt bath. 
I keep thinking about water
and all that it is. 
It is incredible the healing 
energy that is gives.
I feel so drawn to water
these days. 
It heals me in so many ways.
I have had dreams of water.
I have detoxed with water.
I have sent love to my water. 
I absolutely feel so immensely 
drawn to water. 
Water moves me and guides me 
so gently on my path. 
I have taken so many baths. 
I feel so fluid inside as I 
follow the tide. 

April - 

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