Friday, February 1, 2013

Mystical February -

According to my intuition, I am feeling more relaxed and creating a gentle surrounding for my family. Beautiful energy is what I see through my relaxed misty eyes. Today I watch all the children play around me at work, all a little more clingy to their mothers than usual, three little girls today each brought in a doll, a rare synchronicity. I even notice the sky this morning, how beautiful it was, a beautiful shade of blue. Another synchronicity, I arrive at work and share how beautiful the sky was with my coworker, she relates as she mentions that on her way to work she was thinking the exact same thing, I'll add that she also mentioned that another one of our coworkers had taken a picture of the sky on her way into work and texted it to her. I find days like this fascinating as there is such a rhythm in life. I observe in an objective way, while feeling everything. Right before I slept last nite, I felt a comforting type of surrender. I feel this will be a February to remember.

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