Sunday, February 9, 2014

Symphony -

Giovanni Gabrieli - Born in Venice 1553 - August 12th, 1612
Musician - Italian Composer 

Symphony - 

Today I felt a very 
serene shift.
I feel I was connected.
Connected to the divine. 
I relaxed and connected
to myself today. 
I was walking to the 
kitchen and suddenly
I heard the word -
Just like that - Symphony.
So I go and look for 
symphony, music and 
found this 16th century 
musician Giovanni Gabrieli.
I really enjoyed this music.
I began to prepare salad
in the kitchen and I started
to remember a friend
of mine. 
She passed last year 
and I felt she was very
Last night it all began, 
I felt her presence once
She was bringing me 
messages which I am 
trying to trust and not
brush under the rug. 
I really enjoyed this girl.
And if this music is not
connected to her in anyway.
I will play it for her 
Though I wonder if she 
enjoyed classical music 
at all. 
Nevertheless I feel blessed.
To have so many blessings 
here in front of me and 
completely out of plain 
Life continues to evolve
and so try not to over
solve, as answers come
at a beautiful moment in
Spirit - Symphony - Music
bring messages from the 

April - 

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  1. I love this music. It reminds me of the way your blog flows. xo