Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dream Kiss -

Dream kiss - 

I had this dream.

This dream of a dolphin
and a seal kissing right 
next to a pool. 
I believe I was in a 
very long rectangle
shaped pool and the 
dolphin and seal were
near a pool adjacent to 
the pool I was in. 
I thought about this
dream for a while.
I have had so many
dreams being in or near
water recently. 
So I decided to go to 
the local open swim 
I have to say, swimming
never felt so good. 
I feel so fluid in the water
and it floods me with  
memories from my dreams. 
I learned that dreaming 
about water could have 
meanings of emotions, 
subconscious, spirituality, 
and bridging the conscious 
with the subconscious. 
This particular dream just 
happened to be sealed 
with a kiss. 

April - 

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