Friday, October 14, 2016

Become untangled -

Become untangled -

Well okay, who are you? Not what you do? But who' are you? I honestly am not going to say I am an expert. Self-hood, self-less, self-undoing, selfish. What is a self? Like when I say that. I think.. I see myself doing what I enjoy. I see the quietude of myself. I see a simpler version of myself. Like at the most mundane, I enjoy yoga and praying, but it could just be a phase. I change alot and I accept that too. At the highest level of me, I enjoy a healthy new challenge and low level risks that push me forward. Notice I said low level, because lol I enjoy being cautious and love feeling safe as well. So all in all, I just thought out loud about my 'self'.
I forget to also mention that after I enjoy a safety zone for too long I enjoy becoming untangled and starting over to pursue my deep down desires.
In pursuit of: Who am I?

April -

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