Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Forget it -

Forget it - 

Forget what you have
been told, it is getting
We can just focus our
souls to be in great
alignment on our path. 
Relax to hear your 
messages of life. 
They will in fact lead 
to what could be right. 
While living this path,
I have curiously 
wandered, following and
trusting sign after sign. 
We are here to share 
the beautiful and not so
beautiful parts of 
In living our lives, we 
have choices to make. 
We can skate down a path,
learn from it, wake from it,
let life rip us apart, and 
forget it all. Let the chips 
fall, surrender it all. 
Come back, stand tall, 
remember the good, respect 
the bad that you thought 
you had because we have
been taught to focus on bad. 
No, glorious warrior
you see
you are not alone, it is you
and me. 

April - 

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