Friday, October 23, 2015

The Sun -

The Sun - 

This picture for some reason

reminds me of the sun tarot 
Which is my favorite card
in most decks unless it is an 
animal deck or mermaid deck
of course. 
But today, maybe I crave light
but I found this picture and I 
feel drawn to it. 
This week has been more than 
enlightening to say the least. 
I feel as though I cannot see 
ahead very far. 
I keep getting pulled back to 
the moment, which is good
I am sure. 
I sat with self for a while
wondering why this week was 
so strange, 
but I keep coming back to the 
light in everyone whether 
most know or not that it is
In times of despair and when it
seems no one cares, remember
the light within yourself and 
trust enough to stay within 
your lights warmth. 
Be warm and cozy my friend. 
Let the situation end and focus
on the light instead. 

April - 

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