Friday, August 14, 2015

The Law -

The Law -

So I have a story that occurred and totally made me think. I mean I was going through things cleaning and stuff and I had a huge message come. So.. Basically I was going through stuff and came across an Ikea catalog I hung onto for about seven months. I started to realize I had it too long and so I threw it out. 

Promise, the very next day I go to the mail box and oh my gosh guess what's there? A brand new Ikea catalog. Wow, and it's wild because I had not received a catalog in a long time. I was so excited that I ran back into the home and shared the news with the kids. It is universal law in my book that, "When you release something, you will receive what you need in it's place". Which was the brand new catalog in the mail, the very next day after I released the old one I had for seven months. I taught the children this thought in my excitement. I love stuff like that!:-)

April -

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