Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Colorado Dream -

Colorado Rocky Mountains - Photo

A Colorado Dream - 

My spirituality was 
deepening in 2006. 
I painted my living 
room the brightest 
yellow I could find.
Inspired by the light.
I began to paint and 
My creativity is how 
I play. 
I spent the day at the 
bookstore and found
"You can heal your life" 
by Louise L. Hay. 
I began to browse 
each day. 
A Colorado dream,
Mark Husson I found. 
The astrology radio
show that I became 
to know. 
"Power Peek" my 
favorite show.
Mark's teachings 
have inspired me to

April - 

Mark's astrology show 
airs 9am PST every 
Tuesday on 
"Power Peek" -