Friday, December 6, 2013

Women's Rights -

Women's Rights - 

Had a few dreams of Women's Rights
So I felt it would only be right
to write! How do we balance the

Or is there a way? I really don't 
know what to say. But I had these 
two dreams within this month and 
it seems that this is still a lost dream. 
What do we really want? Is it respect? 
And if it is, How do we get it? 
If respect is given, will we get it back?
And is it as simple as that? 
I have so many questions myself 
because as I dreamt of this topic twice. 
I started to look within and
I started to go back on this journey 

that I am in. I went back to the 
beginning, From the beginning as I 
could and I guess I am trying to 
understand the inner world of a man. 
Why? Every year women call 911 in fear. 
In fear of their life, chilled to the bone, 
living in strife.
Why is it so common? I hear 
conversations of men, giving each other 
high fives thinking it is so cool to choke 
out their wives when she gets out of line. 
Why is it funny?
To hurt the person you chose to be with.
I watch the violence that kids live with
be brought to school.
I watch kids learning what they live and
it hurts me to think they might not
understand how wrong that it is.
I kept dreaming of this. Women's Rights -
During this last month and I wanted to
share my voice. I know Women's Rights
moves far beyond violence and disrespect.
It goes far beyond what I could ever type
and I know there is a lot I left out.
But because so many women have the
right to call 911 when they know that
they need.
The saddest part is that not every women
in this world has the opportunity to pick
up a phone and be freed.

April - 

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