Saturday, May 25, 2013

I will bring light to my freedom -

Photo: by April 
I will bring light to my freedom -

Freedom is my choice

I wanna share my voice
Bring it into my vision
Once more like I envisioned
years ago, when I thought I 
could not let go.
Bringing it into focus feels like 
a rainbow in the clouds.
But much more a reality now
When I forget I know how
I search for an inner voice
to repeat you need to make 
a better choice.
Fresh start feels my mind
I thought I was going to make 
it on that path, but it was not
going to last. 
I trust myself, even when 
Neptune transits my twelfth. 
I am ready to let my hair down
as I take a steady turn on my
Until I see the view that feels 
true, I will draw another bath 
and remember that my hard 
work will soon pay its dues.

April - 

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