Thursday, April 7, 2011

An orange candle burning ~

I have an orange candle burning, my daughter purchased this candle for me at the store today. How sweet is she!! I gaze at the lit candle wick, cruising through my body for an answer. An answer to what? I want a message, but it's not ready to come through yet. The candle has the scent of a juicy apricot. It permeates the room, I look around and realize I am attracted to the color orange. I have beautiful  orange porcelain with an angel on it, I'm sporting a tangerine colored lipstick by MAC cosmetics. I peer through the bathroom door in my room and admire the orangey sunset and palm trees on my shower curtain. I go through phases of being attracted to certain colors. I seriously desire a colorful world. The room is dim, I kinda like this. Sorta feels like bliss. I look over at a piece of wood that has 'Believe' carved into it. I believe I am grateful for my daughter's love in the form of my lit orange candle. What do you believe?

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  1. Wow, ok so... I left out a couple details, anyway, on April 7th, when I posted this blog, my 2nd daughter had also froze me some yummy orange juice, like an orange juice slushy. And so, here we go again, Orange!!! What, Then tonite, I had a most awesome birthday with some great friends and my girl Jen gets me a cute bag with a beautiful Orange flower on it, WOW!!! and my other girl Rattana got me The Republic of Tea, "Get Happy" Tea and of course that is in an Orange container. I know this sounds wild, but I really really am attracted to the color Orange lately. Cannot believe it! WAit, Yes I can!!!