Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review of Women, Sex, Power & Pleasure by Evelyn Resh

Gives much food for thought on women, their lives and how intimacy plays a role or doesn't. This book shines much light on a lack of satisfaction in women's sexual lives. Bottom line is this book brings to life many obstacles perceived to be in the way of having a truly rewarding sex life. While reading this book, I thought of the anatomy of intimacy or lack thereof in ones life. If you desire a pleasurable sex life, this book will give you insight on what may be in the way of obtaining that. I received this book at no cost, for reviewing purposes. 

By April -

Book review of Inspirer - Poetic Observations by Allen Vaysberg

Inspirer by Allen Vaysberg -

A great eclectic collection of poetry. This book has a broad range of subjects written in the authors moments of poetic observations I love the real thought provoking rawness in each poem. Allen's poems are very realistic, making them personally relatable. Beautifully colored book design feels healing and grounding. I received this book at no cost, for reviewing purposes. 

By April -

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Fem - 

She lives inside me, breathes into my every step
She wept and wept one night until she let go
And released it all
She brings so much heartfelt emotion to the surface
Believes with all her might in striving for what is right
In moments of silence her clarity begins to bloom
With inner peace, she hold space for great cause 
She trusts her heart, in the dark
Soaks her worries away, to end the day
She washes herself clean, continues to dream
She smiles, because once again she feels new
She is fem,

She honors her inner knowing that she can begin 
again and again and again. For the cycle never ends
Once we release what no longer serves, we begin
once again - 

April -